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  • Pos-T-Vac 'OZ' Bands for ED Treatment, Penis Pump Accessory
  • Pos-T-Vac 'OZ' Bands for ED Treatment, Penis Pump Accessory

The 'OZ' Band from Pos-T-Vac | Set of 2 Bands


Product Description

Pos-T-Vac 'OZ' bands offer a classic design and durable construction. The internal surface of this penis tension band features two knobs that apply pressure to the upper veins of the penis, helping the user hold a firm erection. The urethral notch on the lower portion of the ring allows space for ease of climax, reducing any blockage during release.  

'OZ' Bands are available in two different levels of tension, standard and high. The standard tension bands (yellow) are flexible, providing increased comfort and loading. The high tension bands (pink) are made of a firmer material for greater constriction and a strong hold.

Product Specifics
Sold as a set of 2 
Each ring lasts for 30-35 uses
Dimensions: 2" x .25" x 1.25" 
Weight: 0.2 oz  
Internal diameter by size: 
Standard tension
'A' (large) - 22 mm 
'C' (medium) - 18 mm
 High tension
'B' (large) - 22 mm
'D' (medium) - 18 mm
Warranty: 30-day limited warranty 
Sold as a set of 2 bands that are identical in size and tension. 

Product Reviews

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  1. New experience 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Apr 2018

    I looked at this site and seen it very informative. I am 46 and I have lost my erection a couple of occasions after I was engaged in intercourse with my wife. I would just pleasure her in another way and I simply could not orgasm since I was not erect. She would ask if she had done something wrong or if I was still attracted to her (weight). So there was a bit more pressure on me to have a working erection. This seemed to happen about three times in a row with semi erection or solid erection going soft. I was looking at some vacuum pumps and came across this site and the OZsupport rings.
    I purchased these rings in two different sizes, large and small. I am healthy and do not have HBP or diabetes. I did not want to take meds due to the side effects and I am able to get and maintain an erection 90% of the time. The medium was too small. I resorted to the large. I picked the OZ because of the notch at the bottom to allow me to ejaculate. I was preparing to have intercourse and I reached down and slipped the ring on. I had a firm erection but just wanted to see how it would feel, I was actually excited to try this. I hadn't shown my wife the ring so she asked what it was I showed it in place. I told her what it was she said it does not make me less of a man if I needed a little help. The ring made my erection even more solid and caused her to orgasm a bit sooner due to me being fuller. I was able to have unrestricted intercourse and was able to orgasm with a different sensation. The ring did restrict me ejaculating into my wife with the same volume. The orgasm itself was the same though. This support was wonderful as it is another tool to spice up our sexual encounters and offer true erection support. I think I will use this only when needed or special times. I don't think I would choose meds over this ring. This is a great product and men should look at this as a first line to help with an erection while doing some of the methods discussed in the blogs on this site.

  2. A nice surprise 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2018

    I purchased these rings for a little fuller erection. I don't generally have problems with maintaining an erection but had a couple of times where these would have been great. I purchased the large and medium. The medium is way too small. My wife and I were about to engage in intercourse when I slipped the support ring on. I did not tell her beforehand (a little embarrassed) but I did say it will help with my erections. Pertty easy to put on since I maintain little pubic hair. As we began she noticed a fuller erection and pronounced veins. It was not in the way at any time and we could focus on one another. It was not painful but I could tell the support ring was doing its job. The combination resulted in her having an orgasm sooner than normal. The tighter feeling inside of her, allowed a nice response for me and orgasm as well. I could feel some ejaculate get past the support ring (we use no protection at all) with the majority oozing out once the ring was removed. My wife was very supportive of this support ring and remarked that it does not make me less of a man to use this. We enjoy one another when get together! Men go ahead and buy these, make a difference in your intimate times. I did.

  3. not very happy 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2018

    Pro duct does not help with ejaculations as stated.

  4. Use for partial erections 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jan 2018

    Not stretchable for use with vacuum therapy device, use if you are able to get partial erection or full erection and want to maintain it. The bands will increase hardness of erection, allows me to maintain the erection and allows an ejaculate release. They are comfortable to wear especially tge medium tension bands.

  5. I ordered the wrong size 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2017

    I ordered the wrong size and tension for my tube, the first one snapped before I could use it, the back-up one was too tight. Christian at customer service helped me get the right ones and sent me a label to return the damaged ones at no charge. Great customer service.

  6. easy on-easy off 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Nov 2017

    it’s nice to try a product that works as advertised. easy to slide off the sleeve but i recommend a little extra lube so no hang ups. works better than the round ones that came with the pump. grips on the side are big enough to grip even with arthritis. Slides off with no discomfort. i’m on my 4th one (they are rated for 30 uses) with no failures.

  7. OZ Band failure 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2017

    The High Tension OZ worked alright until time to remove, During removal it failed at the bottom urethra accommodation.

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Warranty Information

30 Day Limited Warranty. Warranty void if non-water based lubricant used