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Prostate Rehab Vacuum Therapy Systems

Erectile Dysfunction and loss of Penile Length are often experienced by men following any degree of Prostatectomy.  Trauma to the nerves and tissue around the penile area are a common result of Prostate surgery.  

Many doctors are now recommending Vacuum Therapy Systems as a Rehabilitation tool after surgery.  This is because the gentle yet powerful vacuum will pull oxygen rich blood into the penile area, helping to heal damaged tissue and preserve your sexual function.  You should consult your doctor and create a rehabilitation program that can help keep your natural erectile function and penile length.  

Rejoyn now offers three Vacuum Therapy Systems designed just for use as a Post Surgical Rehabilitation Tool.  We understand that facing cancer is an uphill battle, we want to help you finish the fight and reclaim the best parts of your life!

All Vacuum Therapy Systems sold by Rejoyn have been approved for Marketing by the FDA after passing high safety standards.