HR Pharma "One Shot" Lubricating Jelly, 3 gram packet
HR Pharma "One Shot" Lubricating Jelly, 3 gram packet

HR Pharma "One Shot" Lubricating Jelly, 3 gram packet

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HR Lubricating Jelly is a medical-grade, sterile lubricant that work well with Rejoyn's pumps and accessories. 

These HR Lubricating Jelly 3 gram OneShot is sterile and dramatically changes the way lubricant is delivered in a single use, small dose format. It is designed to improve application and minimize waste.  These One Shot packets are great for travel.

HR Lubricating Jelly has been a trusted lubricant for 80+ years.

HR 2X Lubricating Jelly Benefits

Viscosity: HR® Lubricating Jelly maintains its applied integrity better than any other medical grade lubricant. It is excellent for precise application, without thinning and/or sliding from the device or application area.   Sterile: HR® Lubricating Jelly is sterile until the packaging seal is broken. This extra step is taken during the manufacturing process to prevent cross-contamination and keep patients safe and healthy.   Made in the USA: HR® Lubricating Jelly is manufactured in the United States under the strict scrutiny of the FDA.  
3g Single Use Packet
Quick Tear, EZ Open Top
Approved for Medical Use
Non Runny - Viscous Gel
Hypoallergenic, Bacteriostatic
Additional Benefits: Micro-Flora/Sperm Friendly | Fragrance Salt and Alcohol Free | Non-Toxic/Non-Irritating & Hypoallergenic | Dye, Latex, PEG and Chlorhexidine Free | Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients.
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