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Private Gym | Erection Recovery Program

Whether you are wondering how to keep an erection longer or how to enhance the effectiveness of Pos T Vac Vacuum Therapy Systems, exercise, especially targeted exercise can help to Isolate and strengthen the muscles that matter most.  

With less than 10 minutes of penis enlargement exercises three to four days a week, you'll unlock the door to how to keep an erection longer.

The Private Gym Fitness Programs have been developed by leading urologists, physiologists and sexual health experts to act as personal exercise trainers for the pelvic muscles and penis.

Over the course of the training programs, you’ll learn to isolate and build the pelvic muscles with penis exercises that get more difficult as you get stronger. The programs have been dubbed “Kegel Exercises for Men” and work the same muscles you’d use to stop the flow of urine.

The Complete Training Program is the most comprehensive option and features four weeks of the Basic Training Program and four weeks of weight resistance training using the Private Gym’s patented penis exercise ring and magnetic weight. The Complete Training Program [link to product page] is intended for men who can achieve erections naturally or with assistance.
The Basic Training Program [link to product page] is four weeks and is recommended for men looking to build initial pelvic muscle strength and how to keep erections longer naturally through targeted penis exercises.