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How to Use A Penis Pump

Vacuum therapy for ED uses simple principles of physics to create an erection naturally, mimicking the natural process the body goes through when it is aroused. Also referred to as penis pumps, vacuum therapy systems have proven to be effective for men with diabetes or other medical issues, men who are recovering from prostate surgery, and men who have not had success with other treatment options. Navigate through this slide demonstration to learn how to use a penis pump. 

Step by Step Vacuum Therapy

Step 1:

Attach the pump head to the penile tube. The pump head will look different depending on whether it’s with a manual or battery operated system.

Step 2:

Place the loading cone on the other end of the penile tube.

Step 3:

Slide a tension ring over the top of the cone and down just past the base of the cone, on to the edge of the penile tube.

For your first time, we recommend using the tension ring size that’s in the middle. If the ring is too tight, you can move up to a larger size. And if your erection doesn’t last as long as you’d like, you can move down to a smaller size.

To slide the tension ring down to the base of the cone, place the middle ring over the top of the cone and use the two handles to move downward. Feel free to use lubricant if you need to.

Step 4:

Once the tension ring is securely on the penile tube, remove the cone.

Step 5:

Insert the bushing into the same end of the tube where you just removed the cone.

Step 6:

Apply lubricant to the bushing, the inside of the penile tube and the pubic area.

Step 7:

Place the lube-side end of the penile tube over your penis, being sure to hold the tube firmly to create a tight seal against your body.

Step 8:

Begin engaging the pump. For motor systems, you’ll press the red button. For manual systems, you’ll pull the handle. In both cases, the pump will begin drawing blood into your penis, forming an erection.

Step 9:

Once you’ve achieved the desired erection, slip the tension ring off the end of the penile tube and on to the base of your penis.

Step 10:

You now have a firm erection that will last for 30 minutes!

Step 11:

Once finished, remove the tension ring by using the handles to slide it off of your penis. Your erection will then naturally subside.

And that’s it. You can refer back to this guide as often as you need until you get comfortable with your new system and more confident with its use.